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Due to legal restrictions on shipments of wine and other alcoholic beverages, we are only permitted to ship wine to the following states at this time:

Alaska (8.20% tax), California (8.20% tax), Colorado (8.20% tax), Connecticut (8.20% tax), Florida (8.20% tax), Georgia (8.20% tax), Hawaii (8.20% tax), Iowa (8.20% tax), Idaho (8.20% tax), Illinois (8.20% tax), Indiana (8.20% tax), Kansas (8.20% tax), Louisiana (8.20% tax), Massachusetts (8.20% tax), Maryland (8.20% tax), Maine (8.20% tax), Michigan (8.20% tax), Minnesota (8.20% tax), Missouri (8.20% tax), Montana (8.20% tax), North Carolina (8.20% tax), North Dakota (8.20% tax), Nebraska (8.20% tax), New Hampshire (8.20% tax), New Jersey (8.20% tax), New Mexico (8.20% tax), Nevada (8.20% tax), New York, Ohio (8.20% tax), Oregon (8.20% tax), Pennsylvania (8.20% tax), Puerto Rico, South Carolina (8.20% tax), South Dakota (8.20% tax), Tennessee (8.20% tax), Texas (8.20% tax), Virginia (8.20% tax), Washington (8.20% tax), Wisconsin (8.20% tax), West Virginia (8.20% tax), Wyoming (8.20% tax) .

If you are having us ship to a limited direct shipping state or a state requiring a consumer permit you are representing to us that this order is within your legal rights. If your State is not listed above please check back later. We are in the process of applying for Direct Ship licenses as they become available. Contact us for more details.